Craftsman Style Perfected

Aug 6, 2020

​We can thank the heritage of Oakhurst for the distinctive style of the townhomes and single-family homes of Elle. We can thank technology for the advanced livability people find in Elle at Oakhurst, too. This is proving to be an irresistible combination for many of the best-informed homebuyers in Atlanta.

The good fortune of history made Oakhurst an early, authentic, “streetcar suburb” of Atlanta, just six miles east of downtown and bounded on the west by Kirkwood. The gentle, quiet commute of early 20th century streetcars brought with it the style trend of the day: the esteemed “craftsman bungalow.” It’s a classic, much-sought-after design today. An ad agency friend points out that for several years now, every home pictured in a TV commercial seems to be a craftsman bungalow, an ongoing testament to the appeal and desirability of this design.

Elle at Oakhurst has made reference to the clean, simple, elegant lines of the craftsman style, yet inside these townhomes and single-family homes reveal up-to-the-minute open plans and Bosch appliances, bringing the convenience of everything that is modern.

The Comfort of a Heritage

Oakhurst is one of those fortunate communities that is near enough to be a handy suburb, but offering so much of its own history and heritage that it isn’t classified as simply as that. Such “urban suburbs” have proven to be magnets for the people who drive today’s economy with their imagination, invention, and enterprise. For many, communities like Oakhurst are the perfect blend of hometown and big-city advantages,

The style that arises from this authentic heritage is an asset worth examining, too. If it is a style that appeals to you, well, you are in good company. The creative and entrepreneurial people who are so vital to today’s economy have a particular affinity for the straightforward. The feel of the craftsman influence fits, because the essence of the arts-and-crafts movement in art and architecture was the beauty of materials and workmanship, rather than ornamentation. Beauty came to be, in part, a sense of the “visible utility” of an object, or a room, or a single-family home.

The Value of a Style

This magnetism of the straightforward craftsman style can bring with it an additional form of comfort for the residents of Elle at Oakhurst – the comfort of knowing their home is even more likely to grow in value.

Beyond style, the added dimension that makes Elle unique is that this authentic feel is paired with the most conspicuously up-to-date technology and design. The technology of convenience in Elle at Oakhurst includes Bosch appliances, and the modern influence on design includes spacious, open plans.

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