Lanai Gardening

Mar 16, 2021

Creating the perfect outdoor living space requires the subtle hints of greenery and soothing blossoming scents. The private, outdoor lanai off the master bedroom of Elle at Oakhurst single family homes award the opportunity to utilize your green thumb. 

Your Dream Garden

When beginning to plan out how your dream garden will take shape, make note of which plants and herbs are best for your garden’s space. Begonias, chrysanthemum, parsley, and rosemary will be perfect for your lanai, offering you both pleasant smells and helpful additions to your favorite meals.

Get to Gardening

Whilst enjoying an outdoor retreat on your private lanai, analyze how much sunlight your spaces gets each day. Being mindful and aware of your space’s sunlight pattern will help you in your efforts to cultivate healthy plants for your garden. Next you’ll need to gather your pots, soil, gardening tools, etc. and begin planting.

After all of your plants are potted, it is essential that you give your plants the appropriate amount of water. 

Pro tip: Check the soil— this is the perfect way to measure if your plant is hydrated. Look for browning, wilting, or dry soil, as these are the signs of failing vegetation. If you check often enough, you can save your plant from dehydration!

The final step: it’s time to harvest. Harvesting can often look different for each plant, so ensure that you do your research before uprooting this new, green life.

Your lanai garden will sprout to life with the right resources, plenty of sunlight and water, and little bit of patience. For more information about our generous outdoor living spaces that double as the idealistic greenhouse, visit