Optimizing Your Outdoor Living Space

Feb 15, 2021

The stunning homes of Elle at Oakhurst feature thoughtfully designed outdoor living spaces. In the Oakhurst single family homes, homeowners relish in the tranquil seclusion and ultimate privacy in the back lanai off of the primary bedroom. And, in the historically authentic and strikingly modern townhomes, residents enjoy unwinding on their spacious balcony. To ensure that you are optimizing the functionality and aesthetic of this serene escape, here is a checklist to reference.  

Five Ways to Optimize

Your outdoor living space is nothing without usability. The first design aspect to consider is where the foot traffic will be and how to work around it. Your space needs to be both easily navigated and an uncrowded. A flawless design promotes the ultimate contentment when retreating to your outdoor domain. 

The addition of potted plants or herbs can be both nice to look at and helpful additions to your home-cooked meals. Feeling one with natural while also having a sense of indoor security whilst outdoors is achievable with the addition of a miniature garden; having thoughtfully placed foliage and greenery is essential to achieving a beautiful blend of indoor, outdoor living. 

Warm winter nights with outdoor heaters and set the mood with the perfect lighting. This will make your space serviceable in any climate, at any time of day; the comfort of living room leisure will be matched in the open Oakhurst air thus expanding upon the list of cozy havens found about your home.

With these five outdoor living space optimizers, your journey outdoors will be more frequented and enjoyable. Elle at Oakhusrt has created a sanctuary of meaningful places to dwell. For more information about living in Oakhurst, visit elleatoakhurst.com.